In 2010, following recommendations from NICE, rockpool’s founder and his team of associates completed a major national evaluation across 14 sites looking at behavioural change among drug users. This involved data collection and analysis over a two year period, a series of day-long site visits, interviews with project staff and service users, a series of workshops and the production of a final set of reports which recommended implementation. The intervention is now part of the National Drug Treatment Monitoring System

In 2011, rockpool’s team completed a year-long evaluation of the Local Government Association’s Reducing Health Inequalities through Tobacco Control Programme. This involved working with 25 councils, the development of bespoke evaluation protocols, regular site visits, interviews with public health professionals, the running of workshops and advice surgeries for other councils looking at this issue and the publication of a suite of reports

Since 2014, we have been working closely with the NSPCC to ensure that health and social care professionals working in the fields of child protection and the prevention of child abuse have the very best information and research available to them