In 2011, we reviewed the institutional, cultural and behavioural barriers to effective infection control within hospital settings, and developed an infection control model and social marketing materials as a result

In 2012, we evaluated the UK Government’s cross-departmental ‘global health’ strategy

In 2013, we surveyed NHS staff to explore the functioning of the NHS Electronic Staff Record and the NHS Pensions Service. We also worked with the former chair of the NHS Appointments Commission to better understand how partnerships can work more effectively in the NHS

In 2014, we looked at how compassionate healthcare can be rolled out within the homecare sector as well as how an understanding of organisational functioning can be brought to bear on improving relationships between patients, their families and healthcare professionals

In 2015, we worked with a pathfinder NHS trust to assess the viability of new techonology in health service delivery

In 2017, we helped an NHS trust evaluate how its therapeutic model fits into the healthcare system and to align its corporate communications strategy with that understanding

In 2019, we assessed how new technology can change the way women access healthcare